Custom Woodworking Masterpieces: Built-in Shelving, Entertainment Centers, and So Much More!

HD Built, LLC can undertake a wide range of custom woodworking projects, showcasing my skills and craftsmanship.

Custom Woodwork Brings Your Ideas to Life

My comprehensive custom woodworking service that includes the design and construction of stunning built-in shelving units, entertainment centers, and display cases. I create functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions that seamlessly integrate with the existing architecture of your space, while maximizing the utilization of available space.

Beautiful Woodworking Crafted to Perfection– From Design to Installation

My woodworking process begins with a design and planning phase, where I work closely with you to understand your vision and requirements. I take precise measurements of the space to ensure a perfect fit and we discuss design elements such as materials, finishes, and organizational features. My goal is to create custom pieces that not only meet your needs but also enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.

Once the design is finalized, I begin the construction phase. I always work with high-quality materials, paying attention to every detail to ensure superior craftsmanship. Whether it’s building sleek and modern shelving units, a stylish mantel piece, or a cozy built-in bench, I take pride in delivering exceptional results.

Custom Cabinets

HD Built, LLC specializes in crafting custom cabinets that combine functionality, beauty, and uniqueness, surpassing standard off-the-shelf options. Whether you are looking for a specific material, hardware, or specialized storage solutions, I will create cabinets that fit your home and style perfectly.

Custom Woodworking, Elevate Your Living Space

Whether you desire stunning floating shelves, a dreamy kitchen island, or a captivating entertainment center, I’m here to make it a reality. Experience the artistry of custom woodworking at its finest. Contact me or call 763-443-9378 to discuss your project and take the first step to bring beauty and functionality to your living spaces.